Buying Guide

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click on the PC Parts link on the top-navigation bar OR click on the Find Your Part Button on the Home Page.
  3. Using the Keyword Filter located on the left side, search for an item of your liking.
  4. Browse the items that the search results provide.
    1. If you want, you can click the heart button to save that particular item as a favorite on your Favorites list.
    2. You can also send the seller a message about the item by clicking the envelope button.
    3. If you would like to see what else the seller may be selling at the time, you can click on the Avatar of the seller.
  5. If the item is for auction, you can 
    1. Place a bid
    2. Place an autobid (place a high bid and let proxy bids keep you in the game)
    3. Buy it Now (if the seller chose to have that as an option)
  6. In either case, but especially in the case of an auction, when you win, you will receive an Email confirming that you won.  From the marketplace, you will receive a Green Notice Box, which you can click Manage Auctions to continue the process.
  7. Click on My Account from the top navigation bar, and then click on the blue Navigation drop-menu to find My Bids.  Click on that to view the item that you won.  (Alternatively, you can also Click on the aforementioned Manage Auctions/Won to get to the same place)  You will see a list of any auctions that you’ve won, or are participating in.  Click View on the item that you won.

This will bring up a few things.

  1. Make a Payment:  Click Continue to message the seller about their payment preferences.   You can do so in the Chat Room provided on the sold-item page.  Make sure you submit your payment to the seller asap!
  2. Chat Room:  A private, 1-1 chat space between you and the seller.  Use this space to touch base with the seller on how you wish to pay for the item, and for the seller to give you any payment-method details you may need to know, to complete the payment.  The seller may also choose to post the tracking number for the item here, after it is delivered…if you request it.
  1. Pay for the item per the Seller’s preferences, and once it is en route, come back to the Make a Payment screen and click Continue > I’ve Paid.
  2. The Seller will confirm that the payment is pending or available within their preferred method of payment, and will mark once the item has been delivered.
  3. When your item comes in the mail, go back to the item in My Bids and finalize everything, stating that the item arrived.  After completing the sale all around, you will be given the chance to rate the seller.  Be as honest and descriptive as you can be, and make sure you rate the user on how they did as a seller.

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